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Sharing with clients/friends through Lightroom

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

This is a nice easy way to share/show images to people through Lightroom.

First you need to be synced with Lightroom mobile, this is done by checking the drop down menu in the identity plate (fig 1) and ensuring Lightroom mobile is on. Next you need to make a collection containing the images you wish to share/show, clicking the plus sign on the right side of the collection panel, and click create new collection this will bring up a dialogue box with the criteria for the collection (fig 2), name the collection and ensure" include selected photos" is ticked and the box to sync with Lightroom mobile is also checked (this is important) –hit create. The collection name will now appear in the collection panel, with an icon on the right of its name confirming it is a synced collection. And in the top right of the view panel a button appears (fig 3) “make public” – clicking this will generate the url where the images will be viewable from link (this appears to the left of the button and starts Click on this and it will take you to a web page (fig 4) .So to share-copying and pasting this link into an email will allow clients or friends to view the images, and if they are signed in to their Adobe account will be able to view image details or make comments on the image

Whilst signed in if you go to you will be able to see all your synced collections (fig 5), with shared ones being marked as such. From this page you can manage more options for shared collections by clicking the sharing tab (fig 6) and selecting from options such as make metadata viewable-location info or even if you want to allow the image or images to be downloadable

One of the really nice features of this is that it is still synced to Lightroom, so if a client asked you to make changes to any of the images, you make the edits and they sync straight back to the shared collection---Nice!


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